You might have heard about adventure racing, and maybe you even know someone who has participated in one. However, they might not have given you all the information which you wanted to know. If that describes you, then here are some facts to help you understand the concept of adventure races.

What Is Adventure Racing, and How Big Is the Market for It?

Adventure racing is primarily a team sport which combines various kinds of sports that at least include running, paddling (such as canoeing or kayaking), hiking, and biking, that can last for one or more days. Adventure racing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and according to a report done by Statista, more than 2.6 million people in the US participate in adventure sports. Adventure races are so popular, such that they have attracted sponsorships from big brands like Unibet. Not only does Unibet sponsor adventure racing activities, but it also offers you a Unibet Promotional Code that you can use to win some money on their site.

What Does Adventure Racing Entail?

Unlike other sports which have course markings, adventure races do not have any. Instead, they give something way cooler; a map. The map depicts various checkpoints that you need to find your way to, using every tool at your disposal. Adventure races also contain some form of rope activity, such as a zip lining or even rock climbing.

Apart from the obvious sports activities, most adventure races have a ‘special challenge’ which can take any form the race director chooses. These unique challenges are designed to add some more fun to the competition or to challenge the team. Some companies in the adventure racing industry have even introduced challenges that will make you cry; ‘tear gas’ tents that you have to crawl through.

Adventure sports combine the use of not only your limbs and strength but also your brain power. This is one of the things which makes them stand out from other kinds of sports. Also, unlike other sports such as a triathlon, where you know the length of the track, in an adventure race, you do not know the length of the course or what lies at the next checkpoint before you arrive there.

How Long Do the Races Last?

Most races last for a couple of hours; between four and eight hours and they have plenty of time to rest in between the activities. Other races can last for days, but these are for expert racers only.