Adventure racing has grown over the years, and it now attracts a huge fan base. In the US alone, close to 2.8 million people participated in adventure racing in 2017, and the number keeps rising. Do you like having an adrenaline rush? Do you wish to try out new things? Are you wondering whether adventure racing is worth it? Here are four reasons as to why you should try adventure racing.

There Is No Pressure

Unlike other races where people are trying to be the first person to reach the finish line in adventure racing, most people are there to have fun. It is hard to worry about the other competitors when you are busy cycling through mountains, sliding through mud, or overcoming different obstacles. That is why the races are geared towards having fun as opposed to being the overall winner.

A Great Place to Improve or Develop Your Skills as a Team Player

If you are a great team player and you enjoy doing activities with other people, then adventure racing is for you. If you would also like to horn your skills as a team player, adventure racing is also a good choice. An adventure racing team typically has between two to five people with various roles. Some of the roles include:

1. The cheerleader who boosts the team morale

2. The navigator who guides the team

3. The nutritionist who reminds everyone to eat.

4. The load bearer who carries the heavy loads.

These roles can be rotated throughout the race, or they can be assigned to specific people from the word go.

The Unpredictable Challenges

In an adventure race, there are no fixed markings to guide you, and all you have is a map and a compass to guide you. Adventure races incorporate activities from various disciplines to test your physical endurance and also your problem-solving skills. The fact that you do not know what comes next keeps you sharp and increases the thrill that comes with adventure racing, unlike traditional races.

Anyone Can Participate

Adventure racing is one of the races that have no limits on age, height, weight, or any other variable. Since the focus of the race is on finishing and not on time, you can take your time as you complete various obstacles. You can even decide to walk at different points, and you might also find other people walking too.

There is Something for Everyone

The races also have activities that borrow from various disciplines; thus, the chances are that you will find something you are good at are quite high. Also, most adventure races have food and drinks, or even some kind of after-party to celebrate the participants. So you can, at least, be completely sure that you will enjoy the food and company.